How do you sneak out of the house without your parents knowing your gone?

We’ll do this in steps.

  1. Make a mental plan during the day.
  2. Do any preperation like taking out the fly screen, organising a cab or ride etc.
  3. ACT NORMAL all day. And don’t make any phone calls your parents would think are suspicious.
  4. Remember your parents routine. What time they go to bed, light sleeper/heavy sleeper and what time they get up. Sometimes parents have a routine check of the house.
  5. Go to your room, like always, in your PJs and pretend to go to bed.
  6. DON’T leave right after they go to bed, because they probably won’t be asleep yet.
  7. 10-20 minutes after they’ve turned off their lights, quickly check that everyone in the house really is in bed.
  8. Escape. Leave a window a tiny bit open, leave a door unlocked or take a key with you.

How to Sneak Out of Your House at Night

Plan how you’re going to get out and where you are going to go and how long you will take (do this during the day when no one is watching). Do not write this down on paper, as it can be evidence to your parents. Mentally, try to plan out;

  • Fencing, terrain, lighting and hiding spots where you will be going
  • Blind spots from the windows of nearby houses
  • Naturally occurring things, such as weather and moon phase
  • Time you are departing
  • Method of exit from home – must be quiet,
  • Consider nearby barking dogs and avoid them and any other animals
  • Path taken to destination
  • Path taken back home
  • Method of entry in home
  • Stay away from the main streets
  • Estimate of how long all this will take
  • Excuses, backup plans, things you’ll need, etc.

Prepare physically and mentally for your big night. Eat 2 hours before and drink one hour before. 15 minutes before departing, get dressed up, but no earlier or you will risk being discovered by your parents. Also, at about 15 minutes, have an energy gel – they are like goo and contain caffeine usually and complex sugars. Pack all the stuff you’ll need, but make sure you don’t get weighed down too much by it. Dress in an appropriate color;

  • Black: Rarely found in nature, actually a poor choice. Only good for asphalt and parking lots.
  • Slate Gray: Good for concrete and other urban settings.
  • Navy Blue/Midnight Blue: Matches the general color of the night, allowing versatility in most settings.
  • Olive Drab/Military Green/: Good for both dense and thin green foliage, in suburban settings you will probably find yourself hiding in bushes and grass hills often, this would be a decent choice.
  • Khaki: Good for dead foliage and desert settings.
  • White: Good for snow, a white outfit with a few digital black and grey specks works best.
  • Brown: Good for crawling through big areas with only dirt and no plants.
  • Fire escape ladders sometimes work, depending on your house’s siding. If your parent’s sleeping area is 10ft or shorter, don’t swing the ladder down the window. Do it earlier in the day, or slowly lower it to the ground. Rope also works well if you tie notches in it and tie it to a very heavy-weighing object such as a bed or dresser.

Make a clean exit out of your house. Everyone’s house is different, so you will have to try to figure out a few things for yourself. Be sure to walk quietly and avoid squeaky spots in the floor. Try not to run into any furniture, as this could both hurt and make noise. Bring with you anything you might need, depending on where you are going. For example, money, flashlight, pocket knife, etc.

  • Leave a screwdriver or butter knife in your window or the door to hold it a crack open so you don’t get locked out. Bring a front door key just in case. If you sleep on a second floor, consider getting a rollable fire escape ladder. Put some stuffed animals under your covers to make it look like it’s your body. Leave your door as it normally is to avoid suspicion from your parents – and do not lock it! In case they do figure out that you are missing, leave a note saying you are fine and not to call the police.